Nearly Home

After Moncton it was off to Halifax. At times, the drive was a little harrowing. We saw a truck go into the ditch ahead of us. Although no new snow was falling, much was blowing across the highway. There was an accident just past Truro that diverted us off the highway. We made it though. 

The Marquee in Halifax was an interesting place. It is owned by Jack, the bassist, father. It is adorned with kitschy statues and artifacts everywhere. 

The shows were a lot of fun and filled with friends and family of the band. There were lots of deep cuts and covers. On the Friday night they did a cover of Underwhelmed that was a personal favourite. And on Saturday Colin’s fiancé Serena Ryder joined him for In the Morning. 

Adam Baldwin, the singer not the Firefly actor played the last three shows and was really good. He is from Dartmouth so these were home shows for him as well. His songs are of the rock troubadour vein and well worth checking out. 

Friday night was bitter cold and we were all glad we did not have to pack the trailer. 

Saturday the band did a live special on the local rock station, Live 105, so I tagged along. 

It was fun and the station had a neat space for little shows. 

I had a some time to walk around a bit. It was warming up to just -2 but with much snow falling it was a very pretty walk. 

I walked down near the harbour to see the battle ships decked out in red and green Christmas lights.  The hills in the small bit that I saw were pretty unforgiving. 

The next morning we got up and started our long drive home. 

We headed over The McDonald bridge going 1000 km or so to Quebec City for the night. We stayed a pretty nice Comfort Inn. 

As I type this we have just re-entered Ontario. Yaaay!!!

Nearly Home

Weather? We Laugh at Weather!!!!

Thank you east coast, you have lived up to some of your weather stereotypes.  We headed out into the snowstorm to get to Moncton.  Tod drove and I sat shotgun beside him.  We got behind a tanker truck that we knew was there but kept disappearing into the snow storm.  Tod handled it like a champ.

We arrived at the casino and checked into the hotel.  I had a little time to hang out before I had to meet up with the house rep.  I went and had a perfectly adequate buffet with some nice turkey and non-GF stuffing.  Mmmm.

Then I had some nice robe time.


Chilling in my room #tourlife

Casino shows always seem to have a weird energy.  There are always extra meet and greets with high rollers, no booze back stage but I have been told the pay well.  This one although attached to the casino the theatre was also a community space as well and I witnessed the first all ages casino show.  Kids just couldn’t go into the actual gaming part.


Hey Andy. Did you order some extra guitars for today?

I met the new opener Adam Baldwin.  He is very fun and cool.  I look forward to hearing his show more in Halifax when I will probably be in the room during his performance.



Weather? We Laugh at Weather!!!!

One Small Step for Me, A Few Giant Drives For Bandkind

After the Holiday party we all got up early to head east.  By the way if Graeme says his school is near Dufferin, DO NOT BELIEVE HIM!!!  It is closer than his house but still a good distance away.  Especially if it has been snowing all night.

Anyway we headed off to Arnprior (“Why’d you shoot your truck?” “To make it look mean!!!”).  We arrived at the John St Pub and the comedy of errors started.  First we could not get very close to door due to slippery conditions in the tiny parking area out back.  Then the real fun began as we had to hump all of the equipment up to the 2nd floor where the club was.

Guh!!! It’s a good thing we brought Joseph and his in shapeness and youthful enthusiasm.

Once we got all set up it was a good show.  It was the only accustic show on the tour and it was interesting to see how the band’s dynamic changed with them sitting.  A tiny, tiny room with people piled on top of each other.  Another facet to this band revealed.

The next morning was a drive day.  We were scheduled to drive to Edmunston NB but with the weather holding we ended up pushing through right to Saint John NB.  14 or so hours in a van in one day does strange things to a person, but it meant we did not have to get up early and finish the drive. So it was worth it? I think it was.


Some funny gum from Quebec.  Keeping it classy.


Truck stop find in New Brunswick.  I don’t know what it means either, but a pooping skeleton demands a picture.

We made it to Saint John around 12:30am but were able to sleep a little later before lobby call and set up.  And as we all know “Lobby calls are REAL!!!!”

Saint John was a delightful little seaside town with many hills.


Quaint little light houses man the vigil while a gentle snow falls.

The show in Saint John was in a beautiful old community theatre called the Imperial Theatre.

Inside the Imperial theatre.

The next morning we headed of to Moncton…



One Small Step for Me, A Few Giant Drives For Bandkind

Take Me Home Country Roads

After a couple of days home I once again headed up the 401 to Toronto. I pulled up and stayed with my brother before heading off to Waterloo for the first of three Ontario shows.

Waterloo was nice. The show was fun and loose with Colin calling an audible during the acoustic part of the show and taking a couple of requests from the audience.

Oh, on a crumby sucky note Sarnia turned out to be our last show with Bleeker and that sucks. Taylor ended up with some vicious throat problems and had no voice.  Cole had the cold from hell apparently.  I will miss those dudes but I hope I will cross paths with them again. Feel better guys!!

Next was London where we played for one of the largest crowds of the tour. It was a fun night.

On the way out of town I found my new favourite restaurant.

Finally back to Toronto. After seeing dozens of shows at the Phoenix it was fun to get to run around its backstage areas and green room.

The show was a bit of a homecoming for the band with much family, friends, management and other folks.

Once again the sickies took out another person with Andy waking up with the flu. We dropped him at his house and started to scramble to find a replacement guitar tech while Andy huddled down in his bed.  He was well enough to join us going out to Arnprior.

These fridges go to 11.

Sunday was a day off before heading to the east. I spent the morning running errands with Graeme who had had his own bout kneeling to to porcelain god the night before. It was a fun hang then I headed off for an afternoon at the movies. (Office Christmas Party which was ok with some very funny parts with TJ Miller killing it and Dr Strange which was another fun flick for Disney/Marvel).

Sunday night was the band’s management’s Christmas party. Tod, Joseph and I represented the Trews Crew. It was a pretty low key affair with good food, good company and root beer on tap.  I was able to play Santa and give out crew sweaters for most folks there.

Model Colin

Time to go out east!


Take Me Home Country Roads

Sarnia Sarnia

Well after a couple of days off I surprisingly was added to the Sarnia shows. So off to Sarnia I went.

I was picked up on Friday at 6:00am by Rob. Despite the fact we hit Toronto at prime traffic time it was not too bad getting in to the space.

We headed off to Aldershot station to pick up Joseph and then stopped to get John-Angus and Jack. Then continued on to Sarnia. It was a fun drive, if not a little full as we had also added Rob’s wife as well.

These two night stands are fun as we don’t have a long drive to do between shows and set up for day two is generally easy.

I walked around the waterfront for a little bit.

Those seagulls are all that stand between us and an American invasion. #trumpsamerica.
Both shows were fund raisers and I think a good amount of money was raised for Women’s shelters and animal rescue.

Now to cram back into the van to go home for a couple of days before the other Ontario shows.

Sarnia Sarnia

Well Week Three Happened…

Calgary, Medicine Hat, Calgary, Lethbridge, back to Calgary, Airdrie.

Three nights in Calgary in three different hotels. It kinda makes your head spin. 

There was driving, shows, and hotels. I was fully in the throes of touring. Five guys in a van for long drives can get to you after a while. 

Luckily my friends Cindy and Jonathon were able to come out and hang one afternoon. It was amazing to see someone else. Talk to someone else, but someone I knew. 

Getting ready for the Calgary show. 

We have been playing mostly 300-700 person bars. Up and down the road. 

Bleeker, the opening band, have been so much fun to hang out with. They are super nice and Taylor, their singer, is super entertaining on and off stage. 

After the Calgary boomerang shows we headed to Saskatoon. It was a bit a crazy drive where the cross wind was pretty intense. But once we arrived the crew and band went out for supper and Andy’s birthday. It was fun and nice. 

We then went to Regina and played the Casino. I managed to free play my way to $10 and walked away a winner. 

Sun comes up on Regina. 

The next morning we got the best bad news. Colin singer of the Trews had the flu and the show in Saskatoon was cancelled which sucked but saved us four hours in the van and a crazy early lobby call. 

We meandered to Winnipeg where we played The Burton Cummings theatre. It was a fun show and the house vender is amazing. 

I got to see a small acoustic set for doners to the Trews fan site. The I ran around the theatre a took a couple of picture from on high and higher. I have really come to enjoy the band’s performances. 

We hit a bit of weather driving out of Winnipeg 

Also we lost a tire on the trailer half way to Thunder Bay and spent 5 hours in a parking lot just outside of Kenora. That sucked but no one was hurt but the tire and rim. 

Finally we made it home. 

For a couple of days. 

Well Week Three Happened…

A Few Days To Catch Up 

Well there were a few days. It is easy to get into a weird haze of bars, vans, restaurants and hotel rooms.  

After Victoria we headed through Vancouver to Penticton to play at a little place called The Mule. Once we got set up Tod, Metz and Andy met up with the band at the local BCHL arena to sing the national anthem and Highway of Heroes then stay and watch some of the game. 

Joseph and I wandered around the town looking for something to eat. We found this good but odd place. It looked like a legit restaurant but when we went in the owners treated it like their house. They sat at our table and chatted while the food was prepared. They brought us samples of stuff they were working on as well. I thought it was fun. Joseph was a little weirded out by the folksyness of it all. We learned about the owners chainsaw carving and the bar-b-que food was really good. 

As we wandered I found some street art. 

The Mule was pretty sloppy on this Friday night. A lot of people were definitely getting their drink on.  Towards the end of the night there was a pretty steady stream of people being 86ed from the room. 

The next day we drove back to Vancouver to play at the historic Commodore. I really like this venue. It is a pretty room and the show was good and we even got a review that highlighted Joseph’s lights. 

The next day was a long drive day to Jasper. There was some beautiful scenery on display again. 

The next morning was an early up to finish going to Grand Prairie for two nights at “Better Than Fred’s”. I am not sure who Fred is or was but the food was good there.  It was nice to have a day off from driving. The crowd was fun and with nothing to do and money to spend they bought a good amount of Merch. 

We got up early for a 800km drive to Calgary. We were back in the flat of Alberta. Most of us just dozed in the van. Joseph and I found a nice Korean BBQ for supper. Both of us had never been to one so we decided to take a chance. We muddled through and it was delicious. 

Now off to Medicine Hat. 

A Few Days To Catch Up